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That’s how Facebook can seriously damage your public life permanently by Paul08
November 28th, 2016, 1:23 am
No-one is unaware of Facebook as it is one of the biggest social media channel across the world. It is true that Facebook and other social networking sites are may be good for our Social lives, but excess of everything is bad and after reading this post you all will be able to understand that how over-usage of Facebook can totally damage your public life. Hardly there is anyone who is not fond of using Facebook once in its lifetime because of its easy to access and user-friendly nature everyone is accessing it so easily but if you are having any issue related to Facebook then Dial our Facebook Help desk tollfree Phone number For USA & Canada +1-855-777-5686. According to a new study, excessive use of this site named Facebook can cause conflict between any age groups and relationships. The main reason behind this is may be the use of Facebook excessively everywhere and can cause loneliness to the peoples surround you.

Facebook may donate some unique kinds of contributions to your experience of journey in any relationship.
There could be many scenarios that usually causes relationship to be damaged and some of them are going to be explained here with the most suitable solutions one could considers to perform:

1. Jealousy is the part of your behavior which may be provoked once you doubted on something and this same criteria is applied in Facebook somewhere.
Solution: You should consult/talk once with your partner before uploading any post, there are chances that you may like something to post but the other person associated with you might not considers it to post and it could lead this matter end to a fight. If you think someone as a significant member in your life, it’s far better to have open communication about than to damage relation with the same person.
2. Got friend’s request from someone that is not associated from you for the time, whether from a person whom you are not related with now or the person who is completely unknown for you. Probably just a single click to accept that worthless friend’s request is going to be the key for the door of breaking up your relation with your presently related person having issues with that request. Do not try to merge your past and present life by playing with your present in terms to get the forgotten past back.
3. Keeping Facebook secrets are not fun; it would make normal people to lose trust and bonding between them. May you kept a post or something related to Facebook as secret for fun or surprise but what matters is the way it will be opened to that person. You should not post anything on Facebook that your closed ones never want to see.

Suggestion: It is best to keep your personal and professional life’s separate, by maintaining your privacy settings accordingly. By keeping it changed related to the post will give the required access to your Facebook friends and reduce the most possible chances of headache.

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